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Jamia Ghousia Rizvia (Jamia Islamabad) sector I-8/4 is an institute of religious, Islamic and modern education. In 1992 Jamia Islamabad was established as Ghousia Taleem-ul-Quran situated at nai abadi khana dak Islamabad. Initially it had only a Hifz class but after a few months 2nd class of Hifz also started. After starting Ghousia Taleem-ul-Quran,founder of jamia was searching for central place. In 1998 he was settled in I-8/4 Islamabad then he made contact with C.D.A and due to his hard work C.D.A allotted a plot for a mosque in I-8/4 Islamabad. On 3rd Sep 2001 Molana Alhaj pir Abu Dawood Muhammad Sadiq Qadri Rizvi started proper class of Darse-e-Nizami (9 year program) and Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali was appointed as principal and so for.
Due to hard work of Dr Muhammad Zafar Iqblal Jalali Jamia Isalamabad gradually progressed. Now Jamia Islamabad has more than thirty people as staff member in markaz. Jamia Islamabad has more than10 branches and more than 700 students.

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Professor Dr. Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Jalali
Is one of the eminent Islamic scholars of the country (Pakistan). He has been serving matchlessly in this field. Dr. Sahib is not only a renowned Khatib, Debater, authority on Fiqha, Mufti, but is also an affectionate teacher, Sheik-Ul-Tafseer & Hadith who has no match in this region. He got his doctorate degree from The university of Faisalabad and in his religious education , he learned from a lot of teachers.....

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